Meet the Team: 2017-2018 Contributing Writers!

AJ Headshot

Allisa “AJ” Foster Sophomore, St.Louis

AJ is from Saint Louis, MO and is a sophomore studying Psychology at the University of Missouri. AJ loves to spend personal time writing, researching, and when she isn’t doing any of those, sleeping. She’s excited to see what MeditatedMelanin has in store for her and can’t wait till you all get to see why she is so passionate about writing!

Allyson Taylor , Memphis, TN

Allyson is a 22 year old Memphis native who’s been writing since age ten. As a mother , she plans to bring a maternal aspect to MeditatedMelanin. If you’re reading a post from her just know she lived, she felt it, she caused it. Allyson’s writing is her truth, and her open book is now yours.


Michi Headshot

Michiru Carroll Chicago, Illinois

Michi. Meech. Michi-Peachy. Or just Peachy. She/Her. Michiru Carroll is from the South Suburbs of Chicago (more specifically: Park Forest, IL), where she’s lived pretty much her entire life. She’s 20 years old (which she honestly still can’t believe), a Junior at Mizzou studying Sociology, an avid food eater, an animal enthusiast, as well as a lover of all things anime (except Attack on Titan, ugh). She even enjoys the occasional tea party, if you know what I mean. *winks* If you know Michi at all, then you know just how emotional and EXTRA she is. So naturally, she likes to write from the heart. But most importantly, she wants you to enjoy each story and hopefully learn a little more about you & your heart.



Jasmin Hampton, Memphis, TN

Jasmin Hampton is a young woman with big dreams that aspires to use her words and ideas to hopefully change the world. She came to Mizzou from the one, the only Memphis, TN and is proud to be from the city with the best BBQ around. As a rising junior, Jasmin hopes to continue to meet amazing people and form lasting, genuine relationships and connections with the people around her. She believes wholeheartedly that God has an undeniable plan for her life, and there are no accidents or mistakes, just lessons to be learned. Sometimes, she has an over active imagination but she is trying every day to channel that imagination into some creative writing. Her posts will typically include the things she’s currently growing through such as seeking her passions and purpose, balancing her love of indulging in decadent sweets while trying to live to healthy and fit life, and hopefully a fun short story, or two, along the way. Jasmin hopes that she can offer even a small amount of reassurance, comfort, peace, a couple laughs or whatever else is needed to those who read her posts.